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Inventory verified Sept. 12, 2012

If you're interested in purchasing this lot, please read this entire page for instructions, terms, and contact information.

Please note this is being sold as an ENTIRE LOT ONLY. SORRY, NO INDIVIDUAL CD SALES. All these CDs were for the purpose of my karaoke site, so all of them have at least one karaoke on it, with a few exceptions that are noted. Please note, however, that the "no karaoke" designation is NOT all-inclusive and that I may have missed labeling some CDs, especially ones that I never opened or posted on my site. If in doubt, please do a Google search for the catalog number to find tracklists online.

Note that the majority of these CDs were purchased secondhand and many have scratches or scuffs. All CD covers are in very good condition, with no major damage unless otherwise specified. International buyers are welcome, but please note that shipping costs will be very, very high.

CURRENT STATISTICS: 888 total CD singles and albums. All statistics last verified Sept. 12, 2012. Various breakdowns include (please note that these statistics may overlap; for example, a 3-inch CD in a 5-inch case would be listed in both the regular 3-inch stat and the "5-inch jewel case" stat):
*** ASKING $1,000 TO $1,500, OR BEST OFFER, FOR ENTIRE LOT ***

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING BEFORE E-MAILING! For those who've actually read this far, I MIGHT eventually change my terms and break this up into smaller lots for sale as has been suggested. I am NOT promising anything, however, so PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ME TO ASK.

SHIPPING COSTS: This has yet to be calculated because I haven't yet figured out the best way to send the CDs. I am thinking the easiest (and quite possibly cheapest) way for U.S. delivery will be several boxes sent via flat-rate priority mail. I am open to other arrangements. Other arrangements will need to be made for international buyers.


Please read my terms of sale for additional information before e-mailing me. Email me at the address near the bottom of that page if interested or if you have questions.


*** ANIME CDs ***

10 Tokyo Warriors
o - (NP) - Hana no you ni: CODA-50169. By Pool. (sample)

3X3 Eyes
- see Video Games section

801 T.T.S. Airbats
- see "Aozora Shoujotai"

Ace o Nerae!
o - (5) - Ace o nerae!: CRCP-10062. By Hiromi. (obi)

Ah My Goddess
- see "Oh My Goddess"

Akazukin Chacha (Red Riding Hood ChaCha)
o - ChaCha ni omokase: KIDA-86. By Masami Suzuki, Tomo Sakura, and Mayumi Akado.
o - Kimi iro omoi: VIDL-10474. By Smap.
o - Youkoso Magical School e: KIDA-100. Vocals by Masami Suzuki, Tomo Sakurai, Noriko Hidaka, and Mayumi Akado.

Alice in Cyberland
- see Video Games section

All-Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku
o - A House Cat: KIDA-165. By Megumi Hayashibara.
o - (Full) (NP) - Bannou Bunka Nekomusume Songs "My Dearest Friends" (Manekigaoka Gakuen): KICA-394 (bonus sticker)
o - Fine colorday: KIDA-158. By Megumi Hayashibara.
o - Haruneko fushigi tsukiyo ~Oshiete Happiness~: KIDA-45. By Megumi Hayashibara.
o - Yume Hurry Up: KIDA-69. By Megumi Hayashibara.
o - (Full) (NP) - Bannou Bunko Neko Musume Housekibako: KICA-203-4. 2-CD set in larger jewel case. (obi)

AM Driver
o - (5) (NP) - Silent Moon: AICL-1531. By Hiro Takami. (obi)

Angel Links:
o - All My Soul: APDM-5062. By Nawnaw. (rental)

Angelic Layer
o - (5) (NP) - the starry sky: AVCD-30224. By HAL. (slim)

AniGame Paradise
o - (XPOSTED) Angel Kiss: FSDA-00015. By MariMayu. Coupling song "Try to Jump" from the Playstation game "Street Golfer."

Aoki Densetsu Shoot!
o - Watashi datte: MEDP-11013. By Kazumi Endo.
o - Yell ~Anata no yume ga kanau made~: FLDF-10268. By Wendy.

Aozora Shoujotai (801 T.T.S. Airbats)
o - Aozora sentai Shimo Ranger: BVDR-1080. By Yukana Nogami (Youko Shimorenjaku).
o - Fuchuu shigure: BVDR-1079. By Kikuko Inoue (Sakura Saginomiya).
o - Niji ni naritai: BVDR-1603. By Mayaka.
o - Taiyou ga atatameta kimochi ~The sun warms my heart~: BVDR-1604. By Ai Orikasa and Aya Hisakawa.

Aquarian Age:
o - (5) - Everlasting Love: VICL-35348. By SeYUN. (obi; slim)
o - (5) (NP) - Sphere 5: Influential Eraser: VICL-60841 (obi; bonus; crack on front of jewel case)

o - (5) (NP) - Genesis of Aquarion (Sousei no Aquarion): VICL-35792. By Akino. (obi)

o - (Full) (NP) - Ariel Audio 1: Saidai no Kiki (Zenpen): D17G1009. With song by Megumi Hayashibara.

Ashita no Nadja
o - (Full) (NP) - Naja Music Box Series: The Song Around the World: MJCG-80129

Astro Boy
o - (5) (NP) - True Blue: SRCL-5550. By Zone. (obi; slim)

o - Rocket Dive: MVDH-9002. By Hide with Spread Beaver.

B Bidaman Bakugaiden
- see "Bomberman Bidaman Bakugaiden"

o - Haruka ~Sailing for My Dream~: PODH-1315. By Fence of Defense.
o - Hikari o sagashite: PODX-1015. By Megumi Ogata (Karen).
o - Shinjiru kokoro: PODX-1016. By Nozomu Sasaki (Kotaro Takamiya).

Bakukyuu Renpatsu! Super Bidaman
o - Hajikero! MAKKU Shot: PSDR-5326. By Ichiro Mizuki. (broken; prongs; rental)

Bakuretsu Hunters (Sorcerer Hunters)
o - Mask: KIDA-119. By Masami Okui and Kasumi Matsumura.
o - Shoot! Love Hunter: KIDA-142. By Mari Sasaki; coupling end theme by Megumi Hayashibara and Yuko Mizutani.
o - Until Strawberry Sherbet: KIDA-81. By Megumi Hayashibara.
o - What's Up Guys?/Mask (no karaokes): KIDA-120. By Megumi Hayashibara and Shinnosuke Furumoto; coupling end theme by Masami Okui and Kasumi Matsumura.
o - What's Up Guys?/Too Late: KIDA-118. By Megumi Hayashibara and Shinnosuke Furumoto.

Bakuretsu Tenshi
- see "Burst Angel"

Bakusou Kyoudai Let's & Go! (all series)
o - Battle Action: TODT-3786. By Yougo Kouno. (rental)
o - (NP) - "Bokutachi" no TEEMA: CODC-1285. By Hironobu Kageyama.
o - (NP) - Brave Heart: CODC-1434. By Koutetsu Kyoudai. (rental)
o - Get the World: VIDL-10852. By Hironobu Kageyama.
o - Grow Up Potential ~Yume ni mukatte~: VIDL-10853. By Ganasia.
o - (NP) - Konya wa IBU: VIDL-30065 (bonus stickers)
o - (NP) - My Name is KAABOI: CODC-1435. By Hironobu Kageyama. (rental)
o - Tune-Up Generation: VIDL-30013. By Maiko Matumiya. (rental)
o - We are the Victorys: VIDL-30048 (bonus sticker)
o - Winning Run! ~Kaze ni naritai~: TEDN-281. By Yukio Yamagata; coupling insert song by Yuriko Fuchizaki and Haruna Ikezawa.
o - Yume no hate made mo: TODT-3882. By Personz. (rental; CD tray is coming off of outside cover)

Beast Wars (Transformers)
o - Hajimari no uta: CODC-1675 (rental)
o - Space Dreamer ~Haruka naru Beast Wars~: CODC-1674. By Current of Air (COA). (rental)
o - (NP) - Super Voyager: CODC-1659. By Cyber Nation Network (CNN). (rental)
o - Te no naka no uchuu: CODA-50072. By Yuuki Hitomi. (rental)
o - Yume no iru basho: CODC-1511. By Jun Yoneya. (rental; prongs)

o - (NP) - Yume no kakera: VIDL-30424. By Uyontana; coupling end theme by *~mai~. (rental; broken)

o - Fighting Spirits ~Song for Beyblade~: KIDA-209. By system-B.

Big O, The
o - Big O!: VIDL-30461. By Rui Nagai; coupling end theme by Robbie Danzie with Naoki Takao. (new)

Birdy the Mighty
o - (5) - Birdy the Introduction: VICL-15053. Vocals by Cherry, Kotono Mitsuishi, and Tetsuya Iwanaga.

Blood +
o - (5) (NP) - Aozora no namida: SRCL-6076. By Hitomi Takahashi. (obi)
o - (5) (NP) - Brand New Map: SRCL-6375-6. By K. CD and DVD set in regular-sized jewel case. (obi)
o - (5) Colors of the Heart (no karaokes): SRCL-6280-1. By UVERWorld. CD and DVD set in a regular-sized jewel case. (obi)
o - (5) (NP) - Cry no more: AICL-1730. By Mika Nakashima. (obi; bonus sticker)

Blue Seed
o - Carnival Babel: KIDA-89. By Takada Band.
o - (5) (NP) - Carnival Babel: Revival: KICM-1084. By Megumi Hayashibara and Go Takahashi. (bonus)
o - (NP) - Eternal Truth: KIDA-135. By Takada Band.
o - Touch and Go!!: KIDA-90. By Megumi Hayashibara.

Bomberman Bidaman Bakugaiden (all series)
o - (NP) - Bokura no Victory: ZMDZ-1008. By Pilots.
o - (NP) - Kachiikuze, Amano-kun!: ZMDZ-1009. By Kyaiin.
o - Kitto ashita wa hareru kara: CODC-1440. By Michiko Kawai. (broken; prongs; rental)
o - Sora no kakera: ZCDA-1001. By Maiko Yoshikawak. (rental; prongs)

Boys Be...
o - (NP) - Daijoubu: KIDA-194. By Maeda Aki.

Boys Over Flowers (Hana Yori Dango)
o - Todoku ka na: AYDM-134. By CaYOCO. (rental)

Bubblegum Crisis
o - y'know: VIDL-30221. By Priss Asagiri (Akira Sudou).
o - (NP) - Waiting for You: VIDL-30222. By Akira Sudou (Priss Asagiri). (rental; broken)

Bucket de Gohan (Ginpei the Penguin)
o - Animal Rock n Roll: AYDM-109. By Minku no Mimi.
o - Shiawase no ousama: AYDM-103. By Papa Lunch Mama.

Burst Angel (Bakuretsu Tenshi)
o - (5) (NP) - Under the Sky: By VICL-35629. By Cloudica. (obi; slim)

Candidate for Goddess (Pilot Candidate)
o - Chance (CHANSU): VIDL-30476. By Kouhei Koizumi. (rental)
o - Hasshin zen'ya ~Get a dream!~: VIDL-30472 (sample)

Captain Tsubasa
o - Fighting!: PCDG-00072. By Face Free.
o - Otoko darou!: PCDA-00684. By Ayako Yamazaki. (broken; rental)

Card Captor Sakura
o - Ashita e no Melody: VIDL-30498. By Chaka.
o - Fruits Candy: VIDL-30454. By Megumi Kojima. (sample)
o - Groovy!: VIDL-30249. By Koumi Hirose. (rental)
o - Honey: VIDL-30423. By Chihiro.
o - Tobira o akete: VIDL-30422. By Anza.
o - Tooi kono machi de: VIDL-30441. By Naomi Kaitani.

Case Closed
- see "Detective Conan"

o - (Full) (NP) - Casshern: COCX-32835 (obi)

Chibi Maruko-chan
o - (Full) - Chibi Maruko-chan Original Movie '90-'91 Soundtrack: BVCR-2304
o - Hashire shoujiki-mono: BVDR-36. By Hideki Saijou.
o - Ja ga Butter Corn-san: CODC-1518. By ManaKana.
o - Odoru ponpokorin, disco version: KIDP-23. By Witch. (rental; broken)

o - (5) - Let me be with you: VICL-35372. By Round Table feat. Nino. (new; slim; obi)
o - (5) - Raison d'etre: VICL-35373. By Rie Tanaka. (new; slim; obi)

Chou Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru (all series)
- see "Wataru"

Chouja Reideen
- see "Reideen"

Chousoku Spinner
o - Future: PSDR-5321. By Chiaki Nakajima. (rental)
o - Loop & Loop: PSDR-5333. By Shunichi Domoto (Shoutarou Morikubo). (rental)

Chuuka Ichiban
- see "Cooking Master Boy"

City Hunter
o - Otherwise: VIDL-10731. By Konta with The Thrill.
o - Ride on the Night: VIDL-30006. By Humming Bird.

CLAMP in Wonderland
o - Anata dake no Wonderland: SRDL-3899

Cluster Edge
o - (5) (NP) - Fly High: SRCL-6072. By Surface. (obi)
o - (5) (NP) - Kokoro no tsubomi: SRCL-6168. By Surface. (obi)

Cockpit, The
o - Tokimeki kara Begin: TKDA-70234. By Hiroyuki Matsuda. (rental)

Code Geass
o - (5) (NP) - Mosaic kakera: SECL-485. By Sunset Swish. (obi)

Compilation CDs
o - (Full) (NP) - Robonation: Ichirou Mizuki Super Robot Complete: COCC-14380. Songs from Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger, Cybuster, and other robot anime, all sung by Mizuki. (obi)
o - (Full) - That's Animesong Karaoke Party: The "Boys Boys" Party: CAK-002. Songs from Wataru, Grand Sword, and Knights of Ramune.

o - I was born to fall in love: KIDA-71. By Masami Okui.
o - Katamichi tsukou o Reverse: KIDA-62. By Drink.
o - Tokyo Night Paradise: KIDA-61. By The Butter Peanuts.
o - Unseen Love: KIDA-34. By Satoko Shimizu.

Cooking Master Boy (Chuuka Ichiban)
o - Aoi sora ni deaeta: ZADS-1002. By Arisa Tsujio. (rental)
o - Iki mo dekinai: JBDJ-1036. By Zard.
o - Kaze no you ni jiyuu ~free as the wind~: ZADL-1076. By Keiko Utoku. (rental)
o - (NP) - Kimi sae ireba: JBDJ-1040. By Deen.
o - Mineral (MINERARU): ZADL-1075. By Kaori Nanao.
o - Sora: JBDJ-1028. By Maki Ohguro.

Cosmic Baton Girl Comet-san
o - (5) (NP) - Miracle Power: NECM-12017. By Shizuka Nakayama. (bonus; slim)

Coyote Ragtime Show
o - (5) (NP) - Coyote: COCC-15922 (obi; slim)

Crashers Knight and Ran
- listed with "Weiss Kreuz"

Crayon Shinchan
o - Do-shite: WPDL-4355. By Sakurakko Club.
o - Himawari no ie: VIDL-30018. By Kazuo Zaitsu. (rental)
o - Ora wa ninkimono: WPDL-4356. By Nohara Shinnosuke.
o - Pakappo de Go!: WPD6-9066. By Nohara Shinnosuke. (rental; broken; prongs)
o - Pureness: BVDR-7001. By Shazna.
o - Reggae: VIDL-10715. By Kotone.
o - Shinchan ondo: AVDD-20072. By Yuuko and Nohara Shinnosuke. (bonus)
o - Shinchan ondo (a different one): TEDA-367. By Haruo Minami and Nohara Shinnosuke. (rental; prongs)
o - Six Colors Boy: VIDL-10771. By Akiko Hinagata.
o - SUKISUKI My Girl: PHDL-1161. By L'luvia. (rental; CD tray coming off cover)
o - Tobe tobe oneisan: BVDR-1230. By Nohara Shinnosuke and Action Kamen. (rental; broken)
o - Uta o utaou: FHDF-1165. By Daijiman Brothers Band. (rental)
o - Yume no End wa itsumo mezamashi!: BMDR-145. By B.B. Queens.

Crest of the Stars
o - (5) (NP) - Pink: PICZ-0005. By Yuamu.

Cutey Honey
o - Cutey Honey Club Style: CODC-1281. By Aqua. (rental)
o - Nakechau hodo setsunai kedo: TKDA-70999. By Mayo Okamoto. (rental)

Cyber Formula
o - Darling I Love You: DPDX-5008. By Asuka Sugo (Kotono Mitsuishi). (bonus character card)
o - Faith: DPDX-5006. By Bleed Kaga (Toshihiko Seki). (bonus character card)
o - Identity Crisis: AYDM-110. By CaYoco.
o - Juushichi no mirai: DPDX-5007. By Hayato Kazami (Junichi Kanemaru). (bonus character card)
o - Pray: AYDM-160. By Lazy. (rental)
o - The Mask Says: DPDX-5011. By K. Shumach (Sho Hayami). (bonus character card)
o - Wild at Heart: AYDM-113. By CaYOCO.

Cyber Team in Akihabara
o - (NP) - Aka: KIDA-167. By Masumi Okui.
o - Birth: KIDA-162. By Masumi Okui.
o - (NP) - Key: KIDA-177. By Masami Okui.
o - (XPOSTED) Labyrinth: KIDA-181. By Masami Okui. Also includes "Toki ni ai wa" from Revolutionary Girl Utena.

o - nothing,: AYDM-171. By SeeSee. (sample)
o - Senshi yo, tachiagare! AYDM-168. By Masaaki Endoh. (sample)

D.C. ~Da Capo~ (all series)
o - (5) (NP) - Sakura saku mirai koi yume: LACM-4102. By Yozuca; coupling song by CooRie. (slim)
o - (5) (NP) - Sakura iro no kisetsu: LACM-4203. By Yozuca. (slipcase)
o - (Full) (NP) - D.C. Character Image Song vol. 2: LACA-5203 (sealed)

o - (5) (NP) - Hajimari no hi: VICL-35550. By Minawo. (obi; slim)

Daa! Daa! Daa!
o - (5) (NP) - Yukkuri: VICL-35251. By Hitomi Mieno. (slim)

Dead Aggressor
- see "Fafner"

o - (5) (NP) - Hito, kami, hata ~Man God Machine~: FCCM-0143. By Yuichi Ikuzawa; coupling end theme by Kanako Itou. (sealed; slim)

Detective Conan (Case Closed)
o - (5) (NP) - Aoi aoi kono hoshi ni: GZCA-2019. By Azumi Uehara. (obi; slim; bonus sticker)
o - Feel Your Heart: PODH-1329. By Velvet Garden.
o - Free Magic: GZDA-1013. By Wag. (rental)
o - Happy Birthday: PODH-1354. By Kyoko. (rental; prongs)
o - Hikari to kage no Romance: ZADL-1070. By Keiko Utoku. (rental)
o - (5) (NP) - I can't stop my love for you: GZCA-2033. By Rina Aiuchi. (slim)
o - (5) (NP) - June Bride ~Anata shika mienai~: GZCA-4043. By U-ka Saegusa in db. (obi; slim; bonus)
o - (5) (NP) - Kaze no rarara: GZCA-7022. By Mai Kuraki. (bonus card)
o - Kimi ga inai natsu: JBDJ-1032. By Deen. (rental)
o - (5) (NP) Kimi to yakusokushita yasashii ano basho made: GZCA-7034. By U-ka Saegusa in db. (obi; slim)
o - (NP) - Koori no ue ni tatsu you ni: AODS-1006. By Miho Komatsu.
o - (NP) - Living Daylights: KIDS-359. By Two-Mix. (rental)
o - Meikyuu no Lovers ~lovers of labyrinth~: PODH-1323. By Heath. (rental)
o - Mune ga dokidoki: KTDR-2150. By The High Lows.
o - Nazo: ZADS-1001. By Miho Komatsu.
o - Negaigoto hitotsu dake: AODS-1003. By Miho Komatsu.
o - Step By Step: PHDL-1055. By Ziggy. (rental)
o - Still for your love: GZDA-1004. By Rumania Montevideo.
o - Truth ~A Great Detective of Love~: WPD7-9201. By Two-Mix.
o - Truth ~A Great Detective of Love~ (alternate outside cover showing Two-Mix standing on water): WPD7-9201. By Two-Mix.
o - (NP) - Unmei no Roulette o mawashite: JBDJ-1041. By Zard. (rental)

Detective School Q
o - (5) (NP) - Mienai Story: GZCA-7036. By Hayami Kishimoto. (obi; slim)
o - (5) (NP) - Niji iro ni hikaru umi: GZCA-7023. By Aiko Kitahara. (obi; slim)

Devil Children (Shin Megami Tensei Devil Children)
o - (NP) - Go-Round: FSDA-00017. By Nao Itou in FIX.
o - Kaze no toki: FSDA-00019. By Nato Itou in FIX. (sample)
o - Memories: FSDA-00020. By Takumi Nakayama with "R." (sample)

DiGi Charat
o - Megami ni naritai ~for a yours~: KIDA-208. By Masami Okui. (sample)
o - Only One, No. 1: KIDA-189. By Masami Okui. (sample)

o - (5) (NP) - An Endless Tale: NECM-12038. By Koji Wada and AiM. (slipcase)
o - (5) (NP) - The Last Element: NECM-12041 (slim)

Dirty Pair
o - Honki ni shinai de: VPDG- 20633. By Mariko Kouda.
o - Kagirinai Answer: VPDB-20521. By Mana.
o - Kimi ga daisuki: VPDG-20608. By Mariko Kouda.
o - Kokoro de mitsumeteru: VPDG-20634. By Rica Matsumoto.
o - SURIRU ni koi shite: VPDG-20607. By Rica Matsumoto.

o - Single Bed: BVDR-291. By Sharam Q.

Doki Doki School Hours
o - (Full) - Sensei no Ojikan 1 Jikan-me: AVCT-15004
o - (Full) - Sensei no Ojikan 4 Jikan-me: AVCT-15013 (bonus stickers)
o - (Full) - Sensei no Ojikan 6 Jikan-me: AKCJ-80001 (bonus card)
o - (Full) - Sensei no Ojikan 7 Jikan-me: AKCJ-80002 (bonus card)

Dominion Tank Police
o - Just Fallin' Love ~Ikutsu mono setsunai yoru no naka de~: VIDL-10443. By Ayako Udagawa.

Donkey Kong
o - Ashita ni nattara...: CODC-1849. By Donkey and Diddy.

o - Boku Doraemon 2112: CODC-612
o - (Full) (NP) - Doraemon Eigaongakushuu: POCH-1489 (obi)
o - (NP) - Hot Milk: PCDA-01040. By Hinano Yoshikawa. (rental)
o - (NP) - Precious Time: TFDC-28096. By Speed. (bonus stickers)
o - Warera The Doraemons: CODC-1701 (rental)

Dr. Slump
o - Anata ga ite watakushi ga ite: AVDT-20043 (rental)
o - ARARE! PARARE!: AVDT-16000 (rental)
o - Hanage ga chotto tobidashite iru: SRDL-4493. By Funta. (rental, broken)
o - Kao de kaai: SRDL-4466. By Funta.
o - (NP) - Let me go!: AVDD-20259. By Favorite Blue. (rental)

Dragon Ball (all series) (also see Video Games section)
o - Blue Velvet: PCDA-00956. By Kudo Shizuka. (rental)
o - DAN DAN kokoro hikareteku: ZADL-1053. By Field of View.
o - Don't you see!: JBDJ-1023. By Zard.
o - Hitori ja nai: JBDJ-1015. By Deen.
o - Sabitsuita Machine Gun de ima o uchinukou: JBDJ-1033. By Wands. (rental)
o - We Gotta Power!: CODC-273. By Hironobu Kageyama.

Dragon Drive
o - (5) (NP) - TRUE / Datta, hitotsu no: PCCA-01733. By Mikuni Shimokawa.

o - Walk This Way: PHDL-1087. By Fields. (rental; prongs)

Eden's Bowy
o - Akai hana ~You're gonna change to the flower~: SRDL-4646. By Hekiru Shiina.
o - Everlasting Train: SRDL-4621. By Hekiru Shiina.

o - One Voice for Ehrgeiz: VIDL-30089. By Mariko Fukui. (rental, broken)

El Hazard
o - 13-gatsu no kakumei: PODH-1393. By Fence of Defense. (sample)
o - Atsui kimochi: PIDL-1168. By One Step Communicate. (rental)
o - Bukiyou ja nakya koi wa dekinai: PIDA-1021. By Etsuko Kozakura, Kikuko Inoue, and Rio Natsuki.
o - Illusion: PIDL-1163. By Invoice.

Escaflowne (Vision of Escaflowne)
o - Mystic Eyes: VIDL-10747. By Hiroki Wada.

- see "Neon Genesis Evangelion"

o - (NP) - Kaze ni nare: LADA-1002. By Jam Project. (bonus sticker)

Excel Saga
o - (Full) (NP) Excel Saga Original Soundtrack: VICL-60512 (obi)

o - (5) (NP) - Shangri-La: KICM-3075. By Angela. (slim)

Fancy Lala
o - Jewelry Love: TYDY-2117. By Hiroya Aikawa. (sample)
o - La La La ~Kuchibiru ni negai o komete~: TYDY-2112. By Reiko Omori.
o - (NP) - Transparence: TYDY-2115. By Fancy Lala (Reiko Oumori).

Fantastic Children
o - (5) (NP) - Mizu no madoromi: VICL-35751. By Origa. (obi; slim)

Fighting Beauty Wulong
o - (5) (NP) - Orange Night: GZCA-4053. By Rina Aiuchi.

Flame of Recca
o - Love is Changing: PCDA-00992. By Hikaru Nishida. (rental)
o - Nanka shiawase: PCDA-00965. By The Oystars. (rental)
o - Zutto kimi no soba de: PCDA-01058. By Yuki Masuda. (rental)

Fruits Basket
o - (NP) - For Fruits Basket / Chiisa na inori: KICM 3014. By Ritsuko Okazaki. 3-inch CD in 5-inch slimline.

Full Moon (Full Moon o Sagashite)
o - (5) (NP) - Etrange / Love Chronicle: TOCT-4451. By Changin' My Life.
o - (5) (NP) - Myself: TOCT-4356. By Changin' My Life.

Fullmetal Alchemist
o - (5) (NP) - I Will: DFCL-1150. By Soewlu. (obi; bonus character card)
o - (5) (NP) - Kesenai tsumi: SECL-36. By Nana Kitade. (obi)
o - (5) (NP) - Link: KSCL-881-2. By L'Arc-en-Ciel. CD and DVD set in regular-sized jewel case. (obi)
o - (5) (NP) - Tobira no mukou e: DFCL-1124. By Yellow Generation. (obi; bonus character card)
o - (5) (NP) - Undo: VVCL-8. By Cool Joke. (obi)

Fushigi Yuugi (The Mysterious Play)
o - Ai to iu na no tatakai ni...: APDM-5028
o - Akai iitsutae: APDM-5037
o - Ashita no watashi o shinjitai: AYDM-122
o - Heart ni kiraboshi sakashitare!!: APDM-5035
o - Hidarite no kioku: APDM-5036
o - (NP) - Noccha hajikete Guts tobashite: TYDY-2085
o - Sadame no hoshi: APDM-5029 (prongs)
o - Star: TYDY-2088 (rental)
o - Tokimeki no doukasen: APDM-5025
o - (5) (NP) - Towa no hana: KICM-1140. By Chihiro Yonekura. From the Playstation 2 game. (sealed; slim)
o - Yoru ga akeru mae ni: AYDM-121 (rental)
o - Yume kamoshirenai: TYDY-2089. By The She. (rental)

Fushigiboshi no Futago Hime
o - (5) (NP) - Oshare Fantasy: NECM-12097. By Fine Rain. (sealed; slim)
o - (5) (NP) - Princess wa akiramenai: NECM-12095. By Flip-Flap. (sealed; slim)

o - (5) (NP) - Character Song Series #3: Shirogane Sara and Soujyu: LACM-4149 (slim)
o - (5) (NP) - New World / Bokura no jikan: KICM-3105. By Bae Yumi; coupling end theme by eufonius. (obi; slim)

Galaxy Fraulein Yuna
o - Lightning Heart: KIDA-141 (broken, rental)

Gall Force
o - Sugao no SUPAI-tachi: SRDL-4307 (rental)

Gambalist! Shun
o - Kirakira kiseki: SRDL-4229. By Rediean;Mode.
o - Tenshi no Love Song: SRDL-4257. By Nokko.

- see "Netsusha no Haou Gandalla"

o - (NP) - Love Song: VIDL-30360. By Tomoko Tane.

Gash Bell
- see "Zatch Bell"

Gear Senshi Dendoh
o - (NP) - Count Down: VIDL-30512. By Little Voice.

GeGeGe no Kitarou
o - GeGeGe no kitarou: WPD6-9072. By Ukadan. (broken, rental)

Gensomaden Saiyuki
- see "Saiyuki"

Ghost in the Shell
o - Mirai e no yakusoku: BVDR-1063. By Saeko Higuchi.

Ghost Sweeper Mikami
o - Believe Me: KIDA-60
o - Ghost Sweeper: KIDA-56
o - Utsushiki Toubousha Series I - Chijou saikyou no GS: KIDA-73. By Hiromi Tsuru (Reiko Mikami). This is part of a 5-CD series that is packaged in a red plastic "folder."
o - Utsushiki Toubousha Series II - Nakayoshi kodomotachi: KIDA-74. By Kumiko Nishihara (Meiko).
o - Utsushiki Toubousha Series III - Noroi no Queen: KIDA-75. By Michie Tomizawa.
o - Utsushiki Toubousha Series IV - Pride: KIDA-76. By Wakana Yamazaki.
o - Utsushiki Toubousha Series V - Kanashii GYAPPU wa Destiny: KIDA-77. By Mariko Kouda.

Gigantic Formula
o - (5) (NP) - United Force: LACM-4364. By Minami Kuribayashi. (obi)

Ginpei the Penguin
- see "Bucket de Gohan"

Girl's High (High School Girls)
o - (5) (NP) - Kirameku: LACM-4256. By Yozuca. (obi; rental)

Girls Bravo
o - (5) (NP) - Koko ni iru kara...: LACM-4143. By Miyuki Hashimoto. (obi)

Gokudo (Gokudou-kun)
o - Silent Moon: PODH-1504. By Ellemo. (rental)
o - Wake Up!: CODA-50082. By Chisato. (rental)
o - Wonderful Bravo!: VIDL-10646. By Hitomi Mieno.

Good Witch of the West, The (Nishi no Yoki Majo)
o - (5) (NP) - Starry Waltz: LHCM-1021. By Kukui. (rental)

- see "Nekketsu Saikyou Gosaurer"

Grander Musashi
o - Chase the Wind: CODC-1494. By Current of Air (COA). (rental)
o - Suteki na jikan: CODC-1235. By The Pip Pops. (rental)

Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO)
o - HITORI NO yoru: SRDL-4679. By Porno Graffitti. (broken; rental; prongs)
o - Last Piece: PHDL-1185. By Kirari. (rental)
o - (5) (NP) - Last Piece: PHCL-11011. (obi)

Guardian Angel Getten
- see "Mamotte Shugogetten"

Gulkeeva (Juu Senshi Gulkeeva)
o - Aitakute aitakute ~Voice of Moon~: TODT-3473. By Rika Tajima.
o - Don't Look Back: TODT-3474. By ZNX.

Gundam (also see various other Gundam series listed immediately below)
o - Arashi no naka de kagayaite: KIDS-261. By Chihiro Yonekura.
o - Beyond the Time: 108H-3001. By TM Network.
o - Hoshizuku no Requiem: KIDA-87. By Rain Mikamura (Yuri Amano). (rental)
o - Inochi no tobira: KIDS-382. By Chihiro Yonekura. (sample)
o - Mirai no futari ni: KIDS-310. By Chihiro Yonekura.

Gundam Evolve
o - (5) (NP) - Monthly Theme Song, December-January: VICL-35743. By Shoichirou Hirata; Lisa. (slim)
o - (5) (NP) - Monthly Theme Song, February-March: VICL-35774 (slim)

Gundam Seed (all series)
o - (5) (NP) - Believe: SRCL-5566. By Tamaki Nami.
o - (5) (NP) - I Wanna Go To A Place..: QQCL-5. By Rie Fu. (obi)
o - (5) (NP) - Invoke: ESCL-9090. By T.M. Revolution. (obi; slim)
o - (5) (NP) - Kimi wa boku ni nite iru: VICL-35800. By See-Saw. (slipcase)
o - (5) (NP) - Life Goes On: VICL-35755. By Mika Arisaka. (slim)
o - (5) (NP) - Love & Peace: SRCL-5720. By Little by Little. (obi)
o - (5) (NP) - Pride: SECL-140. By High and Mighty Color.
o - (5) (NP) - Tears: VICL-36163. By Lisa. (sealed; slim)

Gundam Wing:
o - It's Just Love!: APDM-5023. By Lumi Ohishi.

Gundam X
o - Dreams: KIDA-130. By RoMantic Mode.
o - Giniro Horizon: AYDM-117. By Satomi Nakase. (CD tray is loose from cover)
o - Human Touch: AYDM-115. By re-kiss.
o - Human Touch: AYDM-108. By Warren Wiebe.
o - Resolution: KIDA-140. By Romantic Mode.

Turn A Gundam
o - Tsuki no mayu: KIDA-192. By Aki Okui. (rental)
o - Turn A Turn: KIDA-179. By Hideki Saijo.

V Gundam
o - Don't Stop! Carry On!: KIDS-157. By RD. (rental)
o - Mou ichido Tenderness: APDA-98. By Kix-S. (sample)
o - Stand Up to the Victory: KIDS-134. By Tomohisa Kawazoe.
o - Winners Forever: APDA-84. By Infix.

Gunparade March
o - (5) (NP) - Gunparade March Main Theme: MACM-2019. (obi)
o - (Full) (NP) - Gunparade March Special Vol. 2: PICA-1277 (obi)

o - Back to the Ground: KIDS-262. By Yoshifumi Ushima. (rental)
o - "Futari" ni kaerou: KIDS-245. By Yui Nishiwaki.
o - Niji no Grand Slam: SRDL-4031. By Toshinobu Kubota.
o - Zettai aete yokatta: KIDS-256. By Maki Yoshimura.

Hakkenden: Legend of the Dog Warriors
o - Ai suru toki to shi suru toki: PIDA-1007. By Toshihiko Seki.

Hana no Mahoutsukai MARIBESU
- see "Mary Bell"

Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora
o - (5) (NP) - Aoi kofuku: PCCG-70010. By Nobuko. (obi; rental)

o - (5) (NP) - Dual Love on the Planet ~Hanoka~: LACM-4290. By Sakura Nogawa. (rental)

Haou Taikei Ryuu Knight
- see "Ryuu Knight"

Happy Lesson
o - (5) (NP) - Telescope: PSCR-6046. By Sleepin' JohnnyFish.

Hareluya II Boy
o - Closet Freak: KIDA-156. By Spyke.
o - Tight-Break: KIDA-152. By Spyke.

Haruka (Haruka Naru Toki no Naka de)
- see Video Game section

Haunted Junction
o - Kokoro ni watashi ga futari iru: ARDJ-5047. By Yukie Nakama.

Heisei Inu Monogatari Bow
o - Dai kirai!: TKDP-70181. By Lindberg.
o - Nengara NOO tenki: WPD6-9006. By Yamaguchi Edo and Bow. (bonus)

Hercules (yes, the Disney movie)
o - (NP) - Go the Distance: PCDW-00004. By Fumiya Fujii.

Here is Greenwood
o - Bokutachi ga iru kiseki: VIDL-10344
o - (Full) - Here is Green Wood: VDR-1619
o - (Full) - Here is Green Wood Vocal Best Collection: VICL-40077-78. 2-CD set in larger-sized jewel case.

High School Girls
- see "Girl's High"

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
- see "When They Cry"

Hikaru no Go
o - (5) - Get over: AVCD-30299. By Dream. (obi)
o - (5) (NP) - Kira: AVCA-14691. By Akira Toya. (slim)
o - (5) - Kurenai no tsuki: AVCA-14690. By Sai Fujiwara.
o - (5) (NP) - Mahiru no hoshi ~Day dreaming~: AVCA-14785. By Yoshitaka Waya. (obi; slim)
o - (5) - Sora: AVCA-14689. By Hikaru Shindo. (slim)
o - (5) (NP) - Zutto kono mama: AVCA-14787. By Akari Fujisaki. (obi; slim)

Hime-chan no Ribbon
o - Egao no genki: VIDL-10287. By SMAP.

- see "Legend of Himiko"

Himitsu no Akko-chan
o - (NP) - Nippon hare da yo! Akko-chan: CODC-1654. (rental)

His and Her Circumstances (Kare Kano)
o - Tenshi no yubikiri: KIDA-172. By Mai Fukuda. (rental)
o - Yume no naka e: KIDA-173. By Atsuko Enomoto and Chihiro Suzuki (Miyazawa and Arima)

Humming Bird
- see "Idol Defense Force Hummingbird"

Hunter X Hunter
o - Ohayou: MVDH-9021. By Keno.

I'm Gonna Be An Angel (Tenshi ni Narumon)
o - (NP) - Ai wa umi: APDM-5065. By Shizuru Ootaka. (rental; broken)

Idol Defense Force Hummingbird
o - Nakimushi no Mermaid: TYDY-2052. By Pretty Pretty (Kotono Mitsushi and Hekiru Shiina).

Idol Project
o - Don't Stop! ~Suteki ni meguri aitai~: JSCA-29014

If I See You in My Dreams (Yume de Aetara)
o - Kaze no kuchibiru: CODC-1244. By Mami Kingetsu (Nagisa Shiozaki). (rental)

Ijiwaru Baasan
o - Hadaka no ousama GURU GURU: FHDF-1550 (rental)

Iketeru Futari
o - (NP) - Fall in You: PIDL-7011. By Yuki Kimura. (rental)

Inakeppe Taishou
o - (NP) - Daichan kazoe uta: CODC-1684. By Yoshimi Yoshida. (rental)

Infinite Ryvius
o - (Full) (NP) - Infinite Ryvius Original Soundtrack 1: VICL-60485 (OBI)

Irresponsible Captain Tylor
o - just think of tomorrow: KIDA-52. By Mari Sasaki.
o - Sen'oku kounen tsunaide: KIDA-84. By Mari Sasaki.
o - Toki o koete: VPDG-20624. By T's Workshop. (sample)

Jigoku Sensei Nube
o - (NP) - Mune ni idaite wasurenaide: CODA-1310. By Baad. (rental)
o - Spirit: CODA-1171. By Pamelah.

o - (NP) - Forever: VIDL-30425. By Reiko, Chiiko and Tomo. (rental)
o - (5) (NP) - Kokoro harete yoru mo akete: KICM-3061. By Yui Horie. (slim)
o - (Full) (NP) - Jubei-Chan: Secret of the Lovely Eyepatch Original Soundtrack: VICL-60382 (obi)

Jungle de Ikou!
o - J: KIDA-145. By Masami Okui.

Jungle Emperor Leo
- see "Kimba the White Lion"

Jungle no Ouja Taa-chan
o - Mama I Love You: APDA-105. By BAG.

Juu Senshi Gulkeeva
- see "Gulkeeva"

Kaikan Phrase
- see "Sensual Phrase"

Kakyuusei (My Petty Class Student)
o - Every Brand-new Day: KLDA-1004 (sample)
o - (Full) (NP) - Kakyuusei: JSCA-59022

Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne
- see "Phantom Thief Jeanne"

Kare Kano
- see "His and Her Circumstances"

o - (5) (NP) - Sha la la ~Ayakashi Night~: GZCA-7088. By Uura Saeka.

Key the Metal Idol
o - Te no hira no uchuu: PCDAX-00001. By Junko Iwao.
o - (Full) (NP) - Key the Metal Idol, BGM Data Disc for First and Second Program: PCCG-00350. 2-CD set in larger jewel case. (new; obi)
o - (Full) (NP) - Key the Metal Idol, Vocal Data Disc II for Radio Program: PCCG-00407. 2-CD set in larger jewel case. (sealed)

Kiki's Delivery Service
o - Meguri kisetsu: TKDA-30088. By Azumi Inoue.
o - Meguri kisetsu (reissue): TKDA-71927. By Azumi Inoue. (new)

Kimagure Orange Road
o - Day Dream: VPDC-20676. By Agua.
o - Koyoi Rendezvous: VIDL-10709. By Tomo Sakurai.

Kimba the White Lion (Jungle Emperor Leo)
o - (NP) - Wind Song: BVDR-1166. By Matsu Takako. (rental)

Kimi ga Nozomu Eien
- see "Rumbling Hearts"

o - (5) (NP) - Character Song CD Vol. 1: Yuumi Hoshino and Narumi Satonaka: TRCD-10056 (obi; slim)
o - (5) (NP) - Character Song CD Vol. 2: Eriko Futami and Mitsuki Shijo: TRCD-10059 (obi; slim)
o - (5) (NP) - Character Song CD Vol. 3: Mao Mizusawa and Asuka Sakino: TRCD-10061 (obi; slim; crack on front of jewel case)

Kindaichi Case Files (Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo)
o - Believe Myself: GZDA-1009. By New Cinema Tokage. (rental)
o - Boo Bee Magic: TODT-5001. By Sarina Suzuki. (rental)
o - Brave: GZDA-1002. By Grass Arcade. (rental)
o - Confused Memories: TODT-3981. By Yuko Tsuburaya.
o - Futari: TODT-3980. By Rie Tomosaka. (rental)
o - (NP) - Hateshinaku aoi sora o mita: WPD7-10002. By Yui Nishiwaki.
o - Jeans (JIINZU): WPDV-7156. By Ryoko Hirosue.
o - (NP) - Justice ~Future Mystery~: WPD7-10006. By Miru Takayama with Two-Mix. (sample)
o - Justice for True Love: TODT-5350. By The Alfee. (rental)
o - Kimi ga iru kara...: WPD6-9175. By Yui (Nishiwaki).
o - meet again: TODT-5081. By Laputa.
o - Mysterious Night: TODT-5062. By R-Orange. (rental)
o - Mystery of Sound: TODT-3895. By Yuko Tsuburaya.
o - (NP) - Sink: WPDV-10008. By Plastic Tree. (rental)
o - (5) (NP) - Ultrarider: AMCM-4474. By Penicillin. (obi; slim)
o - White page: WPD6-9166. By Platinum Peppers Family. (rental)

Kiteretsu Daihyakka
o - Uwasa no Kiss: SRDL-3994. By Tokio.

Knights of Ramune (all series)
o - Lullaby agetai: KIDA-59. By Megumi Hayashibara and Kotono Mitsuishi.
o - Miracle Body ni goyoujin!: KIDA-147. By Yuriko Kaida and Midori Kawana.
o - Miraigata Idol: KIDA-131. By Kyouko Hikami and Yuko Miyamura.
o - Tobidase! Session: KIDA-57.
o - Triple Romance: KIDA-58
o - Yuuki no inryoku: KIDA-132. By Liaison.

Knights of the Zodiac
- see "Saint Seiya"

KochiKame (Kochira Katsushika-ku Kamearikouen-mae Hashutsujo)
o - BUWEE no BIYABIYA: VPDC-20745. By George Tokoro. (rental)
o - Everybody Can Do!: SRDL-4283. By Tokio.
o - (5) (NP) - Hai, irasshai: VICL-35556. By Nice Guy Hito.
o - Ii koto aru sa: CODA-1071. By The Collectors. (rental)
o - Katsuhika Rhapsody: CODA-1199. By Kouhei Doujima.
o - Kochira kameza no onna: EPDE-1042. By Osamu Yamada and Hello Nights. (rental)
o - Lady no yume wa mangekyou: CODA-1225. By Megumi Okino. (rental, broken)
o - (NP) - Mainichi, No Problem: CODC-1834. By Rieko Miura and Kanako Mitsuhashi. (rental)
o - (NP) - Nagisa no jouou-sama (short version): SRDL-4251

Kodocha (Kodomo no Omocha)
o - Daijo-bu: SRDL-4332. By Tomoko Hikita with Babitto-tai. (rental)
o - Pinch ~Love me deeper~: SRDL-4398. By Rina Chinen.

KUMA no Puutarou
o - Taitaizukushi: FLDF-1566. By Takeharu Kunimoto. (sample)

Kyuukyokuchoujin R
o - (Full) - Anime Original Karaoke 3: Kyukyokuchojin "R": WPCL-673
o - (Full) - One Night Stand in Hot Summer Tour (Manatsu no Ichiyazuke): WPCL-402 (obi)

Legend of Chun Hyang (manga by CLAMP)
- see "Shin Shunkaden"

Legend of Himiko (Himiko-den)
o - (NP) - Hono'o no joou (furigana actually say "Kagiroi no himemiko"): AYDM-164 (rental)
o - (NP) - Pure Snow: PIDL-1258. By Yuko Sasaki.

Legend of the Mystical Ninja
- see "Legend of the Mystical Ninja" in the Video Games section

Lost Universe
o - infinity: KIDA-161. By Megumi Hayashibara.

Luna Varga (Majuu Senshi RUNA VARUGAA)
o - Luna Great: PCDG-00029. By Akiko Ikuina.

o - (5) (NP) - Koi no Mahou: SCDC-00311. By Ichiko. (slim)

Mach Go Go Go
- see "Speed Racer"

Magic Knight Rayearth
o - All You Need is Love: PODX-1029. By Naomi Tamura.
o - Asu e no yuuki: PODH-1231. By Keiko Yoshinari.
o - Hikari to kage o dakishimeta mama: PODH-1277. By Naomi Tamura.
o - Itsuka tenshi ni nareru: PODH-1258. By Umi Ryuuzaki (Konami Yoshida).
o - Itsuka kagayaku: PODH-1278. By Keiko Yoshinara.
o - Kirai ni narenai: PODH-1250. By Ayumi Nakamura.
o - Lullaby ~Yasashiku dakasete~: PHDL-1031. By Minako Honda.
o - Mokona no ekaki uta: PODX-1001
o - Mokona ondo de pupupu no pu: PODX-1003
o - Run: PODX-1004. By Megumi Ogata.
o - Seiya no tenshitachi: PODX-1005
o - Shoujo yo, taishi o dake! Girls be Ambitious: PODH-1264
o - Soyokaze no SONACHINE: PODH-1261. By Fuu Hououji (Hiroko Kasahara).
o - Yuzurenai negai: PODH-1230. By Naomi Tanemura.

Magic Users Club (Maho Tsukai Tai)
o - One Way True Love: TYDY-2072. By Mayumi Iizuka.
o - Senobi o Follow You: TYDY-2065

Magical DoReMi (Ojamajo Doremi)
o - (5) - Mahoudou CD Collection Solo: Hazuki Fujiwara (Tomoko Akiya): KICM-3002 (obi; slim)
o - (Full) (NP) - Ojamajo Ban^2 CD Club Sono 7: Character Mini Album Series 3: Asuka Momoko: MJCG-80079
o - (Full) - Ojamajo Ban^2 Christmas Party!!: MJCG-80084
o - (Full) - Ojamajo Dokkan CD Club Sono 1: Character Mini Album Special: Makihata Yamahana (Hana-chan): MJCG-80093 (obi)

Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi
o - (Full) (NP) - Original soundtrack: KICA-574. By Shiro Sagisu. (sealed)

Magical Meow Meow Taruto (Mahou Shoujo Neko Taruto)
o - (5) (NP) - Kyou no hana: LACM-4024. By Masumi Ito. (sealed; slim)

Magical Taruruuto-kun
o - (NP) - Taruru kataburaruru: CODC-8906. By Tarako.

o - (Full) - Mahoromatic Automatic Maiden ~Motto Utsukushii Mono~ Ongakushuu (Original Soundtrack): PICA-1258
o - (5) (NP) - Mahoromatic CD Dramatic 1: PICA-0012. (obi; slim; bonus card)
o - (5) (NP) - Mahoromatic CD Dramatic 2: PICA-0013. (obi; slim; bonus card)
o - (5) (NP) - Mahoromatic CD Dramatic 3: PICA-0014. (obi; slim; bonus card)

Mahoujin Guru Guru
o - Dynamite Heaven: ENDA-1581. By 2Shy4U. (sample)
o - Harete Hallelujah: WPD6-9051. By Aki Okui.
o - Mou tomaranai: WPD6-9033. By Slap Sticks.

- see "My-Hime"

- see "My-Otome"

Mama wa Shougaku Yonnensei
o - Ai o Plus One: VIDL-10204. By Masuda Hiromi.

Mamotte Shugogetten (Guardian Angel Getten)
o - (Full) - Extra Songs Vol. 1: ENCA-1287. Vocal by Mariko Kouda.
o - (Full) - Extra Songs Vol. 2: ENCA-1288. Vocal by Daisuke Sakaguchi. (obi)
o - I just feel so love again: GZDA-1003. By Sweet Velvet.
o - (NP) - Saa: PHDL-1176. By Surface.
o - Wish: KIDA-200. By Mariko Kouda.

Martian Succesor Nadesico
- see "Nadesico"

Mary Bell
o - Omoide ni mo narenai: PCDA-00275. By Michiyo Nakajima. (bonus)

Master Keaton
o - eternal wind: VPDC-20779. By Blue.
o - Tameiki: VPDC-20784. By KneuKlid Romance.

Master of Mosquiton
o - Good Vibration: CODC-1433. By Cyber Nation Network (CNN).
o - The Power of Love: CODC-1348. By Cyber Nation Network.

o - Junk Boy: BVDR-1162. By Kaori2Luv.
o - (Full) - Otanoshimi Song Collection: BVCH-1003

Melody of Oblivion, The
o - (5) (NP) - Will: VICL-35671 (slim)

Meiken Lassie
o - Owaranai monogatari: TCDN-12. By Jun Morioka. (rental)

Memories Off (all series)
o - (5) (NP) - Film Makers: VGCD-1002. By Ayane. (obi; slim; rental)
o - (5) (NP) - Maxi Single Collection Vol. 1: Ayaka Hizuki: SCDC-00051 (obi)
o - XPOSTED (5) (NP) - Your Shade / Usual Place: KICM-4011. By Tiaraway. Title song is from the game "D->A:Black," coupling song is from "Memories Off." (obi; slim)

Midori no Makibao
o - Hashire Makibao: PCDA-00927. By Men's 5.

Mii Faa Puu
o - Banana Chips: MVDH-9006. By Shonen Knife.
o - UKIUKI Paradise: KIDA-4011. By Yoshikazu Mera. (rental)

Mikan Enikki
o - Naisho! no BAIRIN Cat: APDA-75. By Chisa Yokoyama.

Mirmo Zibang! (Mirumo de Pon!)
o - (NP) (5) - Sarara: BFCA-82013. By Becky. (obi; slim)

o - (5) (NP) - Watashi no sora no iro: KSCA-59152. By Hitomi Sato. (slim)

o - Dream Express: CODC-942. By Saki Katori. (rental)

Mon Colle Knights
o - Just Fly Away: KIDA-193. By Chihiro Yonekura. (bonus)
o - Samba da Bacchiguu: KIDA-202. By Kyoko Hikami and Yuka Imai. (rental)

Monkey Turn
o - (5) (NP) - Mune ippai no kono ai o dare tyori kimi ni: GZCA-4001. By Jewelry. CD and DVD set in regular-sized jewel case.

Monster Farm
o - Digital Music Power: GZDA-1011. By Rumania Montevideo. (rental)
o - flame of love: GZDA-1006. By Sweet Velvet. (rental)
o - Kaze ga soyogu basho: GZDA-1008. By Miho Komatsu. (rental)

Montana Jones
o - Boukenshatachi: PCDA-00652. By The Alfee.
o - Okaerinasai: PCDG-00062. By Kikuko Inoue.

o - (5) (NP) - Mouse Chu Mouse: LACM-4083. By Under17 (Halko Momoi).

Mujin Wakusei Survive
o - (5) (NP) - Bokura no Message: VICL-35591. By Kiroro. (obi; slim)

Musashi the Great
- see "Grander Musashi"

o - Power Play: NEDA-10012. By Ayumi Miyazaki. (rental)

My Dear Marie
o - Endless Party: VIDL-10760. By Yuko Miyamura.

o - (5) (NP) - Silent wing: LACM-4200. By Aki Misato. (sealed)

o - (5) (NP) - Dream Wing: LACM-4227. By Minami Kuribayashi. (sealed)
o - (5) (NP) - Otome wa Do My Best desho?: LACM-4228. By Mika Kikuchi and Ami Koshimizu.

My Neighbors the Yamadas (Tonari no Yamada-kun)
o - Hitoribocchi wa yameta: ESDB-3914. By Akiko Yano. (sample)

My Petty Class Student
- see "Kakyuusei"

Mystique Broadcasting Club
o - (5) (NP) - Mystique Broadcasting Club Character Song Album: FUJI-10 (sealed)

Mythical Detective Loki
o - (5) (NP) - Rakuen no tobira: AFC-01001. By Yamoto; coupling end theme by Miki Shinichirou. (new; slim)

o - Dearest: KIDA-164. By Yumi Matsuzawa.
o - (Full) - Kore ga Honto no "Sanmaime"?: KICA-352 (obi; slipcase)
o - You Get to Burning: KIDA-137. By Yumi Matsuzawa; coupling end theme by Houko Kuwashima.

Nadia (Secret of Blue Water)
o - (Full) (NP) - Nadia The Secret of Blue Water Complete Sound Collection III: TYCY-5288-90. 3-CD set in double-CD jewel case.
o - (Full) (NP) - Fushigi no Umi no Nadia Karaoke Collection: TYCY-5189-90. 2-CD set in double-CD jewel case.

Narcissus Black (yaoi manga by Uchida Kazuna)
o - (Full) - Narcissus Black: DPCX-5011 (obi)

o - (5) (NP) - Home Sweet Home: ESCL-2735. By Yuki. (sealed; slim)
o - (5) (NP) - Kanashimi o yasashisa ni: SRCL-5639. By Little by Little. (obi)
o - (5) (NP) - Ruusei: ESCL-2789. By Tia. (sealed; slim)

Negima! (all series)
o - (5) (NP) - Mahoragakuen Chutobu 2-A: Sayo Aisaka, Yuuna Akashi, Kazumi Asakura, Yue Ayase, Ako Izumi, Akira Ohkouchi: KICM-3093 (slim)
o - (5) (NP) - Mahoragakuen Chutobu 2-A: Ku Fei, Konoka Konoe, Haruna Saotome, Setuna Sakurazaki, and Makie Sasaki: KICM-3096 (obi; slim)
o - (5) (NP) - Mahoragakuen Chutobu 2-A: Sakurako Sheena, Mana Tatsumiya, Chao Lingshen, Kaede Nagase, and Chizuru Naba: KICM-3097 (slim)
o - (5) (NP) - Mahoragakuen Chutobu 2-A - Ichigatsu: Yami no Fukuin and Doll: KICM-3058. (sealed)
o - (5) (NP) - Mahoragakuen Chutobu 2-A - Sangatsu: Buknabu Yonningumi: KICM-3060. (sealed)
o - (5) (NP) - Mahoragakuen Chutobu 2-A - Rokugatsu: Toshotankenbu: KICM-3051 (sealed)
o - (5) (NP) - Mahoragakuen Chutobu 2-A - Hachigatsu: Hasegawa Chisame: KICM-3053 (obi; 2 prongs that hold the liner notes are broken)
o - (5) (NP) - Mahoragakuen Chutobu 2-A - Kugatsu: Undoubu Nakayoshi Yoningumi: KICM-3054 (obi)
o - (5) (NP) - Mahoragakuen Chutobu 2-A - Juuichigatsu: Budou Shitennou: KICM-3056 (sealed)
o - (5) (NP) - Mahoragakuen Chutobu 2-A - Juunigatsu: Yukihiro Ayaka: KICM-3057 (obi)
o - (Full) (NP) - Negima!? 1000% Box: KICM-3137-3146. This is a 10-CD boxed set. Each CD is in a slimline case. Original price 6,800 yen (about $70).

Nekketsu Saikyou Gosaurer
o - Our Good Day... Bokura no Good Day: KIDA-54. By Megumi Hayashibara.

Neon Genesis Evangelion
o - Tamashii no Refrain: KIDA-146. By Yoko Takahashi. (bonus card)
o - Zankoka na tenshi no TEEZE: KIDA-114. By Yoko Takahashi.

NHK ni Youkoso!
- see "Welcome to the NHK!"

o - Mirai kouro: PODH-1427. By La'cryma Christi. (rental)

Ninja Boy Rantaro
- see "Nintama Rantarou"

Nintama Rantarou
o - (5) (NP) - Kaze: PCCA-02042. By Aya Ueto. CD and DVD set in regular-sized jewel case. (obi)

Nishi no Yoki Majo
- see "Good Witch of the West"

Now and Then, Here and There (Ima, Soki ni Iru Boku)
o - Komoriuta...: VIDL-30459 (sample)

Nurse Angel Ririka SOS
o - Doonika doonika: CODA-902. By Eiko Minami.
o - Egao o wasurenai: KIDA-127. By Kaori Asou (Ririka Moriya).
o - Koi o sugu tabi ni kizutsukiya suku...: CTDR-26003. By Cuiling.

Nurse Witch Komugi
o - (5) (NP) - Kuchibiru Innocence: PICA-1285. By Halko Momoi (Komugi). (obi; slim)
o - (5) (NP) - Shooting Star / Oyasumi: GNCA-0004. By Halko Momoi (Komugi Nakahara). (obi; slim)

Oh My Goddess
o - Anata no Birthday: PCDG-00091
o - Fortune Smiled on You: PCDG-00092
o - Hottokenai no sa: PCDG-00049
o - (Full) - Kami no Karaoke CD: PCCG-00252. 3-CD set in double-CD jewel case. Includes lyrics booklet.
o - My Heart iidasenai, Your Heart tashikametai: PCDG-00055

Ojamajo Doremi
- see "Magical DoReMi

Ojarumaru (Prince Mackaroo)
o - Koi o itashimashou: CRDA-1006
o - PURIN de ojaru: CRDA-1003 (rental)
o - Utabito: CRDA-1002

Omohide Poroporo (Only Yesterday)
o - Ai wa hana, kimi wa sono tane: CODA-8776. By Harumi Miyako.

One Piece
o - (5) - Faith: AVCD-30471. By Ruppina. (obi)
o - (5) (NP) - Kokoro no chizu: TECI-74. By BoyStyle. (bonus sticker)
o - (5) (NP) - Run! Run! Run!: ESCB-2169. By Maki Otsuki. (slim)
o - (5) (NP) - Shouchi no suke: ESCB-2255. By Suitei Shoujo. (obi)
o - (5) (NP) - Tsuki to taiyou: AVCD-30524. By Shela. (obi; slim)
o - We Are!: CODC-1806. By Hiroshi Kitadani; coupling insert song by Akemi Okamura.

Onegai Teacher
- see "Please Teacher"

Onegai Twins
- see "Please Twins"

Orphen (Sorcerous Stabber Orphen)
o - Ai Just on my Love: BVDR-11010. BY Sharan Q.
o - Doushiyou: TEDN-51007. By Yuka. (bonus sticker)
o - Kimi wa majutsushi?: BVDR-11014. By Sharam Q. (rental)
o - Love, Yes I do!: EPDE-1062. By Chinatsu Miyoshi. (rental)

Otoboku (Otome wa Oboku-sama ni Koishiteru)
o - (5) (NP) - Believe My Love: KICM-91165. By Aice^5. (bonus photobook; slipcase)
o - (5) (NP) - Love Power: KICM-1181. By Aice^5. (obi; slim)

o - (Full) (NP) - Minipato OST: VICL-60852 (sealed)

Pet Shop of Horrors
o - Jikuu ryokou: PODX-1043. By Legolgel.

Phantom Thief Jeanne
o - Dive into Shine: CODA-50116. By Lastier. (rental)
o - Haruka...TODT-5277. By Pierrot. (rental)
o - Piece of Love: TODT-5281. By Shazna. (bonus mini poster)

Pia Carrot
- see "Pia Carrot" in Video Game section

o - (5) (NP) - ...to you: MMCC-6012. By Ayako Kawasumi. (obi; slim)

Pilot Candidate
- see "Candidate for Goddess"

o - (5) (NP) - Wake Up Angel: LACM-4052 (slim)

Please Teacher
o - (5) (NP) - Shooting Star: LACM-4045. By Kotoko. (obi; slim)

Please Twins
o - (5) (NP) Second Flight: LACM-4101. By Kotoko and Hiromi Sato. (obi; slim)

o - Kaze to issho ni: CXDA-102
o - (Full) (NP) - Lord of the Unknown Tower (Kesshoutou no Teiou) Music Collection: ZMCP-1102 (bonus)
o - Mezase Pokemon Master: TGDS-98
o - Nyaasu no Party: ZMDP-1027
o - OK!: ZMDP-1062 (with slipcase)
o - Pikapika massai Chuu: TGDS-130 (bonus jigsaw puzzle)
o - Pokemon harahara Relay: ZMDP-1092
o - RAPURASU ni notte: ZMDP-1026
o - (5) (NP) - Ready Go!: ZMCP-1399 (obi)
o - Rival! ~The Rivals!~: ZMDP-156 (bonus ruler/Pikachu template)
o - Rocket-dan you eien ni: TGDS-110
o - toi et moi: AVDD-20335. By Namie Amuro. (rental)
o - Torikaekko Please: CXDA-101 (bonus)

Pretty Cure
o - (5) (NP) - Kokoro no chikara: MJCD-23005 (obi; slim)

Pretty Sammy
o - Choushi ni notte orimashita: PIDL-1218. By The Rhythm Kings. (rental; broken; prongs are loose but not broken)
o - Persona: PIDA-1036. By Kumi Akiyama. (rental)

Prince Mackaroo
- see "Ojarumaru"

Prince of Tennis:
o - (5) (NP) - Ai no IZM: NECM-10042. By Saori Shinbori. (sealed; slim)
o - (5) - Can See the Light: NECM-11011. By Shinji Ibu. (obi; slim)
o - (5) (NP) - Departures: NECM-10024. By Aozu and Cap to Bin. (obi; slim)
o - (5) (NP) - Fly High: NECM-12062. By Toshihiko Matsunaga. (obi; slim)
o - (5) (NP) - Free as a bird: ICCT-0001. By Ryoma Echizen. (slim)
o - (5) - future: NECM-12021. By Hiro-X. (obi; slim)
o - (5) (NP) - Kaze no tabibito: NECM-12048. By Fureai.
o - (5) (NP) - Happy lucky day!: NECM-10046. By Kentarou Fukushi. (sealed; slim; crack on back of jewel case)
o - (5) (NP) - Hey, now!: NECM-10043. By Yuuki Shirai. (sealed; slim; crack on back of jewel case)
o - (5) (NP) - Long Way: NECM-12047. By Ikuo.
o - (5) - Make You Free: NECM-12040. By Hisoca. (slipcase)
o - (5) - Ometto Samba: NECM-12042
o - (5) (NP) - Right by your side: NECM-10008. By Shusuke Fuji. (obi; slim)
o - (5) (NP) - The Best of Rival Players III: Akira Kamio: NECM-11012 (slim)
o - (5) (NP) - The Best of Rival Players VI: Kiyosumi Sengoku: NECM-11015 (slim)
o - (5) (NP) - The Best of Rival Players XI: Gakuto Mukahi: NECM-11020 (obi; slim)
o - (5) (NP) - The Best of Rival Players XIII: Ryoh Shishido and Chotaroh Otori: NECM-11022 (obi; slim; one joint of jewel case is broken)
o - (5) (NP) - The Best of Seigaku Players I: Ryoma Echizen: NECM-11001 (slim)
o - (5) - The Best of Seigaku Players III: Takashi Kawamura: NECM-11003 (obi; slim)
o - (5) - The Best of Seijaku Players V: Syusuku Fuji: NECM-11005 (obi; slim)
o - (5) - The Best of Seijaku Players VII: Syuichiro Oishi: NECM-11007 (slim)
o - (5) (NP) - Tonde! Mawatte! Mata raishu: NECM-12053. By Cap to Bin.
o - (5) - White Line: NECM-12037. By Aozu. (crack on back of jewel case)
o - (5) (NP) - Yuki no kakera (kesshou): NECM-10044. By Maki Shiotani. (sealed; slim)

Princess Tutu
o - (5) (NP) - Morning Grace: KICM-3037. By Ritsuko Okazaki. (new; slim)

- see "Cybuster"

Psychic Force
o - (5) (NP) - Psychic Force: CRCA-20002. By Tomokazu Seki and Kyousei Tsukui. (obi)

Pumpkin Scissors
o - (5) (NP) - Aoki Flamme: GNCA-0034. By Yoko Takahashi. (obi; slim)

Rave Master (Groove Adventure Rave)
o - (5) (NP) - Higher and Higher: KICM-3029. By Kumoko. (obi; slim)

Ray (The Animation)
o - (5) (NP) Zero-G: EVCS-0006. By Masami Okui. (obi; rental)

Red Riding Hood ChaCha
- see "Akazukin Chacha"

Reideen (Chouja Reideen)
o - (Full) (NP) Angel Debut Album: AYCM-590. By Kentarou Itou, Shigeru Shibuya, Akio Suyama, Koji Yusa, and Fujiko Takimoto.
o - Heaven: AYDM-129
o - Kamen ~Get My Way~: AYDM-128
o - Love Is...: AYDM-126
o - (Full) (NP) The Hearts Live Album: AYCM-591. By Shinichiro Miki, Kappei Yamaguchi, Yuji Ueda, Ikue Ohtani, and Wataru Takagi. (one prong of the liner notes holder is broken)

Revolutionary Girl Utena
o - (Full) - Virtual Star Hasseigaku: KICA-374 (obi)
o - Rinbu Revolution: KIDA-149. By Masami Okui.
o - (XPOSTED) Toki ni ai wa: See "Labyrinth" under "Cyber Team in Akihabara."
o - (Full) - Tenshi Souzou Sunwari Hikari: KICA-389
o - Truth: KIDA-150. By Luca Yumi. (rental; broken)

Ronin Warriors (Samurai Troopers)
o - (Full) (NP) - Star Children Original Karaoke Series 1: Yoroiden Samurai Warriors Debut Album: Kimi o Nemurasenai: KICA-11 (cracks on front of jewel case)

Rozen Maiden
o - (5) (NP) - Kinjirareta asobi: LHCM-1001 (sealed)

Ruin Explorers
o - Dear Myself: CODC-705. By Kumi Konno.
o - Magical Beat: CODC-668. By Rica Matsumoto.

Rumbling Hearts (Kimi ga Nozomu Eien) - also see Video Games section
o - (5) (NP) - Blue tears: No catalog number. By Minami Kuribayashi, Tomoko Ishibashi. From the game. (obi; slim)
o - (5) (NP) - Character Image Song Series Portrait 2: Haruka Suzumiya: LACM-4116. By Minami Kuribayashi. (slim)
o - (5) (NP) - Precious Memories: LACM-4107. By Minami Kuribayashi. (obi)

Rurouni Kenshin
o - 1/2: SRDL-4347. By Makoto Kawamoto.
o - Dame!: WPD6-9172. By Yo Izumi. (rental)
o - Towa no mirai: SRDL-4457. By Animetal.

Ryuu Knight
o - Doll-tachi no dokuritsukinenbi: VIDL-10708. By Hitomi Mieno.

Saber Marionette (all series)
o - Anata o zutto mitsumeteru: KIDA-125. By Yuki Matsuura. (rental)
o - Proof of Myself: KIDA-170. By Megumi Hayashibara.
o - Successful Mission: KIDA-138. By Megumi Hayashibara.

Sailor Moon
o - Hono'o no sogekimono ~Flame Sniper~: CODC-1084
o - Wasureru tame ni koi o shinai de: CODC-382

Saint Seiya (Knights of the Zodiac)
o - (Full) - Saint Seiya Eternal Edition File 3 and 4: COCX-32077-78. 2-CD set in separate jewel cases packaged in a slipcase. (obi)

Saint Tail (Kaitou Saint Tail)
o - "Koi" mitai na kanji: PODX-1006. By Tomo Sakurai. (rental)
o - Toki o koete: PODH-1282. By Yasuko Matsuyuki. (rental)
o - Up Side Down: TADX-7430. By Shoko Inoue.
o - Yumemiru Melody: TADP-1010. By Miyuki Kajitani. (rental)

Saiyuki (all series)
o - (Full) - four songs: COCX-31524. From "Gensoumaden Saiyuki Requiem." (obi; bonus)
o - (5) (NP) - Fukisusabu kaze no naka de: GZCA-7041. By Wag. (slim)
o - (5) (NP) - ID: ZACL-6001. By flow-war. From "Saiyuki Reload." (obi; slim)

Sakura Tsushin (manga)
- see Video Games section

Sakura Wars (Sakura Taisen)
o - Geki! Teikoku kagekidan: BVDR-1606. From the Sega Saturn game.
o - Geki! Teikoku kagekidan (Tai): MJDA-90002. From the "Sakura Taisen 2" video game.
o - Kore ga Revue: MJDA-90008 (rental; broken)
o - (5) - Sakura Wars 3: Is Paris Burning?: Mihata no moto ni: AVCA-14140 (obi; slim)
o - Omatsuri Dance: MJDA-90001. Two 3-inch CDs in a mini cardboard holder. The plastic tray is loose and was not originally attached to the cover.

Samurai Troopers
- see "Ronin Warriors"

Scrapped Princess
o - (5) (NP) - Daichi no la-li-la: LACM-4095. By Yoko Ueno and Masami Ito. (new; slim)

Scryed (s-CRY-ed)
o - (5) (NP) - Drastic my soul: VICL- 35292. By Mikio Sakai. (obi; slim)

Sensual Phrase (Kaikan Phrase)
o - (NP) - C no binetsu: PCDM-00011. By /\ucifer. 3-inch CD in 5-inch slimline.
o - (NP) - Datenshi Blue: PCDM-00009. By /\ucifer. 3-inch CD in 5-inch slimline.
o - (5) (NP) - Love Around: POCE-8100. By e.mu. (slim)
o - Shinkirou: KIDS-70012. By Feel. (rental)

Sentimental Journey
o - Tenshi ni aitakute: APDM-5044. By Kaoru Watanabe.

Seraphim Call
o - Pray: PIDL-1287. By Yuko Sasaki.

Serial Experiments Lain
o - (5) - A Cry to Fade / Signal of Solitude: TODT-5175. By Nakaido "Chabo" Reichi. 3-inch CD in 5-inch slimline case. (obi; slim)

Sexy Commando Gaiden Sugoi yo! Masaru-san
o - (NP) - Romance: AMDM-6230. By Penicillin.

Sgt. Frog (Keroro Gunso)
o - (5) (NP) - Hareru michi: YRCN-10145. By JK. (cracks on back and front of jewel case)
o - (5) (NP) - Shouri no hanabira: MHCL-783. By Chinatchable. (picture disc; crack on front of jewel case)
o - (5) (NP) - Uchuu de mottomo GiriGiri na CD: VIZL-142. Limited edition, includes collector box and Keroro charm. (sealed)

Shadow Skill
o - Lookin' for Love: KIDA-55. By Megumu Okada.

Shakugan no Shana
o - (5) (NP) - Yoake umare kuru shoujo: GNCA-0018. By Yoko Takahashi. (obi; slim)

Shaman King
o - (5) (NP) - Northern lights: KICM-3027. By Megumi Hayashibara. (obi; slim)
o - (5) (NP) - Shaman Fight of Vocal I: Yuko Sato (Yo Asakura) and Park Romi (Ren Tao): KICM-3062. CD and DVD set in regular-sized jewel case. (obi)

Shin Getter Robo vs. Neo Getter Robo
o - Storm: LADA-1006. (sample; bonus sticker)

Shin Hakkenden
o - Kitto onaji hoshi no naka de: HDDA-10005. By Friend of Mine. (rental; broken)
o - memories: HDDA-10004. By Angela. The plastic CD tray has come loose from the cover. (rental)

Shin Shunkouden (Legend of Chun Hyang) (manga by CLAMP)
o - Koujin: APS3-41030. By Eiko Yamane.

- see "Mushrambo"

Silent Mobius
o - Everything For You: KTDR-2037. By Chieko Honda.
o - Glass no Moonlight: KTDR-2034. By Toshiko Fujita.
o - Ichido dake no mahou: KTDR-2036. By Naoko Matsui.
o - Kinda no Pensee: AYDM-147. By Saori Ishitsuka.
o - Morning Star: KTDR-2035. By Hiromi Tsuru.
o - Night of Mystery: SXDR-118. By Hironobu Kageyama and Takayuki Miyauchi.
o - Ready to Love: KTDR-2033. By Hironobu Kageyama.
o - (Full) - Silent Mobius "Ooedo Yumifu Shimatsu Ki" Music Collection: KTCR-1084
o - Skyscraper ~Matenrou ni dakarete~: SIDN-2. By Hironobu Kageyama.
o - Seijaku (Si Ji Ma): KTDR-2032. By Yoko Takahashi.
o - Shining: KTDR-2039. By Miho Nagahori.
o - Silent Meeting: KTDR-2038. By Maya Okamoto.
o - Silently: AYDM-148. By Karen Mok. (rental; broken)

Sister Princess - see also Video Game section
o - (5) (NP) - Egao ga No. 1!: KICM-3011 (obi; slim)
o - (5) (NP) - Love Destiny: KICM-3009. By Yui Horie. (obi)

Slam Dunk
o - Anata dake mitsumeteru: BGDH-1019. By Maki Ohguro.
o - Kimi ga suki dato sakebitai: ZADL-1024. By Baad.
o - Kirameku toki ni torawarete: ZADL-1042. By Manish.
o - My Friend: JBDJ-1011. By Zard.
o - Zettai ni dare mo: JBDJ-1005. By Zyyg.

Sorcerer Hunters
- see "Bakuretsu Hunters"

Sorcerous Stabber Orphen
- see "Orphen"

Sotsugyou M
o - Kikan na nioi Destiny: CODC-1741. By G.I.Zoku.
o - No Surrender: CODC-1805. By G.I.Zoku.

Soul Hunter
o - Will: KIDA-183. By Chihiro Yonekura.

Space Pirate Mito (Stellar Buster Mito)
o - Cosmic Love: AYDM-172 (sample)

Speed Racer (Mach Go Go Go)
o - Junpaku no Energy: CODC-1139. By Kentarou Hayami. (rental)

o - Jing Ling: CODA-1600. By Saju.

Spring and Chaos (Ihatov Gensou: Kenji no Haru)
o - Ave Maria: ESDB-3742. BY Shang Shang Typhoon.

Star Blazers
- see "Space Battleship Yamato"

Starship Girl Yamamoto Yoko
o - Shake it: KIDA-126. By Masami Okui.
o - Sore da, zettai: KIDA-153. By Masami Okui.
o - Tenshi no kyuusoku: KIDA-178. By Masami Okui. (rental; broken)

Starship Operators
o - (5) (NP) - Radiance: GNCA-0014. By Mami Kawada; coupling end theme by Kotoko. CD and DVD set in regular-sized jewel case. (obi)

Steam Detectives
o - Kimi, hohonda yoru: KIDA-171. By Elika.
o - Oasis (OASHISU): KIDA-176. By Elika. (rental)

Stellar Buster Mito
- see "Space Pirate Mito"

o - (5) (NP) - Asu e no Brilliant Road: KICM-3042. By Angela. (slim)
o - (5) (NP) - The End of the World: KICM-3045. By Angela. (slim)

Street Fighter (also see Video Games section)
o - Ima, ashita no tame ni: TODT-3572. By Shuji Honda.
o - Itoshisa to setsunasa no kokoro tsuyosa to: ESDB-3495. By Ryoko Shinohara with Tetsuya Komuro.
o - Just Believe: AYDM-102. By Rei.
o - Kaze fuiteru: TODT-3493. By Yuki Kuroda.

Sugar, A Little Snow Fairy
o - (5) (NP) - Sugar Baby Love: PICA-0009. By Yoko Ishida.

Sumomomo Momomo
o - (5) (NP) - No Rock, No Life: LACM-4321. By Honey Bee. (obi; rental)

Super Doll Licca-Chan (Super Doll Rika)
o - Nee: CODC-1653. By Rooky. (rental; broken)

Super Robot Wars (Super Robot Taisen) - also see Video Games section
o - (5) (NP) - Break Out: LACM-4310. By Jam Project. (obi)
o - (5) (NP) - Meikyuu no Prisoner: LACM-4195. By Jam Project. (obi; crack on front corner of jewel case)

Tekkaman Blade (all series)
o - Elles Cinq I - Kitto aeru yo ne: KIDA-94. By Mariko Kouda.
o - Elles Cinq II - Tiny heart: KIDA-95. By Chieko Honda.
o - Elles Cinq III - Love Drug: KIDA-96. By Kumiko Watanabe.
o - Elles Cinq IV - Nostalgic Lover: KIDA-97. By Megumi Hayashibara. (rental; broken)
o - Elles Cinq V - Tears no kataomoi: KIDA-98. By Yuko Mizutani.
o - It's Destiny ~Yatto meguri aeta~: KIDA-93. By Masami Okui. (broken)
o - Lonely Heart: KIDA-46. By Yumiko Kosaka.
o - Reason: KIDA-37. By Yumiko Kosaka.
o - Reincarnation: KIDA-79. By Masami Okui.

Tenchi Muyo
o - Alchemy of Love: ~Ai no renkinjutsu~: PIDA-1033. By Megumi Hayashibara.
o - Alchemy of Love (English version): PIDA-1030. By Nina Hagen and Rick Jude.
o - Manatsu no Eve: TODT-5021. By Mariko Nagai.
o - Miwaku no shintenchi: PIDA-1039 (rental)
o - Ren'ai no jikuu: PIDA-1020. By Ai Orikasa.
o - Tenchi muyo!: PIDL-1132. By Sonia.
o - Tsuki no Tragedy: PIDA-1012. By Ai Orikasa.
o - Ueno no koi no monogatari: PIDA-1004

Tenshi ni Narumon!
- see "I'm Gonna Be An Angel"

o - (5) (NP) - Tsuki no Uta: CRCP-10042. By Gackt.

Those Who Hunt Elves
o - Round 11: AYDM-142. By Naoko Hamasaki.
o - (Full) - Those Who Hunt Elves Character's Songbook: AYCM-567
o - (Full) - Those Who Hunt Elves I and II Character's Songbook Complete: AYCM-587 (bonus character cards)

Thunder Jet (Ginga Sengoku Gunyuuden Rai)
o - Ikazuchi densetsu: APDM-5007. By Norihiko Tanimoto; coupling song by Mari Sasaki.

This Ugly Yet Beautiful World
o - (5) (NP) - Metamorphose: GNCA-0001. By Yoko Takahashi; coupling end theme by Yoko Ishida. (obi; slim)

Time Bokan
o - Kaitou Kiramekiman no uta: VIDL-30487 (rental)

To Heart
o - Access: APDM-5066. By Spy. (sample)
o - Feeling Heart: KIDA-5502. By Masami Nakatsukasa.
o - (Full) (NP) - To Heart Original Soundtrack: KICA-5038

Tonari no Totoro
- see "My Neighbor Totoro"

o - Hi Hi High: TODT-5237. By Sachiko Kumagai

- see "Beast Wars"

o - (NP) - Kaze wa mirai ni fuku: VIDL-30204. By Aima & Neos.

Trouble Chocolate
o - C.H.O.C.O.: AVDA-14006

Tsubasa Chronicle
o - (5) - Loop: VICL-35791. By Maaya Sakamoto. (slim; crack in front of jewel case)

Tsuyoshi Shikkari Shinasai
o - Good Day I-N-G: SRDL-3652. By Maki Kanzaki. (rental)
o - Kekkon shiyou ne: PSDR-5008. By Wink. (rental)
o - Love You Only: SRDL-3905. By Tokio.

Turn A Gundam
- see "Gundam"

Twinbee Paradise
o - Watashi ga tenshi dattara ii no ni machibuse: KIDA-7608. By Mariko Kouda.

Uchuu Eiyuu Monogatari (Future Retro Hero Story)
o - (Full) - Uchuu Eiyuu Monogatari Mankan Zenseki: WPCL-628-629. 2-CD set in double-CD jewel case.

UFO Baby
- see "Daa! Daa! Daa!"

UFO Princess Valkyrie (UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie)
o - (5) (NP) - One Kiss / Sore kara: COCC-15923. By Yuuko Sasaki; coupling end theme by Kenichi Suzumura. (rental; slim)

Ultimate Muscle
o - (5) (NP) - Believe: POCE-7404. By The Nab's. (obi)

Urusei Yatsura
o - Begin the kirei: ESDB-3264. By UL-Says.

V Gundam
- see "Gundam"

Venus Versus Virus
o - (5) (NP) - Bravin' Bad Brew: LHCM-1027. By Rirykya. (obi)

Video Girl Ai
o - Frozen Flower: VIDL-10256. By Nav Katze.

Violinist of Hamelin
o - Magical:Labyrinth//: PCDA-00908. By Skirt.
o - Mikansei Concerto: PCDG-00085. By Ken Nishikiori. (rental; broken; prongs)
o - Taiyou to tsuki ni somuite: PCDA-00935. By Yuko Yamaguchi. (rental)

Virtua Fighter
o - Eien no mannaka de: TODT-3713. By Akiko Seko. (bonus)
o - Kuchibiru no shinwa: TODT-3557. By Vivian Hsu. (bonus)
o - Kyouhansha: TODT-3637. By Vivian Hsu.
o - Wild Vision: TODT-3599. By Kouji Hayashi.

o - Heavenly Blue: PODX-1035. By Ran Takano. (rental)
o - (NP) - true gate: AVDD-20200. By Favorite Blue. From the Sega Saturn game. (rental)

Voogie's Angel
o - Gimme Love: NADL-1104
o - Girl Friends: NADL-1106. By Angels.
o - Motto motto Radical Fight!: NADL-1101
o - Motto motto Radical Fight! (a different one): CODC-1323 (rental)
o - Yarukkyanaiwa: NADL-1105. By Angels.

W ~Wish~
o - (5) (NP) - Omoide Good Night: KDCM-0015. By tiaraway. (obi)
o - (5) (NP) - Kizuna: SCDC-00377. By Ayane. (obi; slim)

o - (5) - Chou Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru Rainbow 3: VICL-35013 (obi; bonus calendar pages)
o - (5) - Chou Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru Rainbow 4: VICL-35014 (bonus calendar pages)
o - (5) - Chou Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru Rainbow 5: VICL-35015 (bonus calendar pages)
o - (5) - Chou Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru Rainbow 6: VICL-35016 (obi)
o - (5) (NP) - Chou Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru Rainbow 7: VICL-35017.
o - Fight!: VIDL-10062. By Yumiko Takahashi.

o - (NP) - So Dive!: CODC-2009. By R.A.M. (Random Access Module). 3-inch CD in 5-inch slimline.
o - (NP) - Together: CODC-1959. By Katsumi. 3-inch CD in 5-inch slimline. (obi; bonus; slim)

Wedding Peach
o - Wedding Wars ~Ai wa hono'o~: JSDA-29029
o - Yumemiru ai tenshi: KIDA-106. By Furil.

Weiss Kreuz
o - Beautiful Alone: MMDM-1001
o - Look of Love: MMDM-1005. By Knight and Ran.
o - Piece of Heaven: MMDM-1003

Welcome to the NHK!
o - (5) (NP) - Modokashii sekai no ue de: VICL-36167. By Yui Makino. (obi; rental; slim; bonus)

Whisper of the Heart
- see "Mimi o Sumaseba"

Wind - A breath of heart
- see Video Games section

o - Forever Love: AMDM-6170. By X Japan.

o - Back to You: TMDN-10. By Ambience. (rental)

Yagami-kun's Family Affairs (Yagami-kun no Katei no Jijou)
o - (Full) (NP) - Yagami-kun no Katei no Jijou Perfect Best Collection: KTCR-1122-4. 3-CD set in double-CD jewel case.
o - (NP) - Oh! Yes Kiss o shiyou ne: PHDL-1505. By Tomohisa Kawazoe. (rental)

Yamamoto Yohko
- see "Starship Girl Yamamoto Yoko"

Yamato 2520 (this is DIFFERENT from "Space Battleship Yamato")
o - Ashita no kimi o mamoritai ~Yamato 2520~: SRDL-3962. By Tokio.

Yamato Takeru
o - Flower of Desert/Twilight Songs: KIDS-205. By Naoko Hamasaki (from REPLICA).

Yat! Anshin Uchuu Ryokou
o - Dame yo! Dame yo! Dame yo!!: SRDL-4306. By Hekiru Shiina.
o - Heaven: SRDL-4300. By Him.
o - Moon Light: SRDL-4354. By Hekiru Shiina.

o - Itsumo soko ni kimi ka ita: KTDR-2043. By Lazy Lou's Boogie.
o - You and I: FHDF-1170. By Mariko Nagai.

o - (5) (NP) - Brilliant Dream: SRCL-6291-2. By Shouko Nakagawa. CD and DVD set in a larger jewel case. (bonus)

You're Under Arrest
o - Boku de aru tame ni: VIDL-10826. By Flying Kids.
o - Get a Chance: VIDL-30464. By Natsumi Tsujimoto (Sakiko Tamagawa) and Miyuki Kobayakawa (Akiko Hiramatsu). From the Playstation game. (broken; sample)
o - Go! Go! Patrol ~Kimi ni Heart o taiho suru~: VIDL-10579. By Tokyo Policewoman Duo.
o - Love Somebody: VIDL-30015. By Mariko Fukui.
o - Matasete, gomen ne: VIDL-40004. By Tokyo Policewoman Duo.
o - (5) - Nikaido Yoriko Scan: VICL-60077 (obi; slim)
o - Start shiyou: VIDL-30462. By Natsumi Tsujimoto (Sakiko Tamagawa) and Miyuki Kobayakawa (Akiko Hiramatsu). From the Playstation game. (sample)
o - Thank you, Love (Natsumi type): VIDL-10830. By Keiko Tarada.
o - Thank you, Love (Miyuki type): VIDL-10831. By Keiko Tarada.

o - Ashita moshi kimi ga kowaretemo: JBDJ-1039. By Wands. (rental)
o - Kawaita sakebi: CODA-1531. By Field of View. (rental)

Yume de Aetara
- see "If I See You in My Dreams"

Yuu Yuu Hakusho
o - Daydream Generation: MRDA-00041. By Matsuko Mawatari.
o - YYH Motion Picture Mini Soundtrack - Kuwabara no Sho: TYDY-2060. By Shigeru Chiba.
o - YYH Motion Picture Mini Soundtrack - Kurama no Sho: TYDY-2061. By Megumi Ogata.
o - YYH Motion Picture Mini Soundtrack - Hiei no Sho: TYDY-2062. By Noboyuki Hiyama. (bonus)
o - YYH Motion Picture Mini Soundtrack - Hinageshi no Sho: TYDY-2063. By Chisa Yokoyama.
o - Sayonara wa iawanai: TODT-3188. By Personz. (rental)
o - Taiyou ga mata kagayaku toki: MRDA-00036. By Hiro Takahashi.
o - Unbalance na Kiss o shite: MRDA-00031. By Hiro Takahashi.
o - (Full) - Yuu Yuu Hakusho Nesshouhen ~Karaoke Battle Royale~: MRCA-20028. 2-CD set in larger-sized jewel case, with slipcase.

Yuusha Tokkyuu Might Gaine
o - Black Diamond: VIDL-10375. By Purple.

Zatch Bell (Gash Bell)
o - (5) (NP) - Aso Fever (no karaokes): PCCG-00690. By Tomoe Shinohara. (sealed)

Z/ETA (manga by Masaki Sano and Kyo Watanabe)
o - Defend the Truth: SVWD-9012. By Takehito Koyasu.

o - (5) (NP) Little Good-Bye: VICL-36058. By Rocky Chack. (slim; obi)

o - Chou kishin Zenki, raigou shourin!: CODC-708. By Hironobu Kageyama; coupling song by Mitsuko Horie.
o - Kiseki no choukishin: CODC-726. By Chisa Yokoyama and Megumi Ogata; coupling song by Kappei Yamaguchi.
o - Sleepless Angels: CODC-691. By Chisa Yokoyama.

o - (5) (NP) - Vocal Series Vol. 1: Damn It!: KICM-1116 (slim)

o - All That Sho-Comi World: MMDM-0602. Participating singers include Megumi Hayashibara, Yuuko Nagashima, Hekiru Shiina, and Hidaka Noriko. (rental; broken)
o - NHK Minna no Uta: Seishun no Kao: TKDA-30538. By Ai Miyata. The bottom half of the plastic inner tray has been broken off and taped back on by a previous owner.

*** VIDEO GAME CDs ***
For some games that are based on anime or manga, some CDs have been listed in the "Anime CDs" section. Please refer to the specific title in that section.

3X3 Eyes
o - (NP) - Fight! ~Saigo no tenshi~ / Holy Eyes: KIDA-113. By Manami Komori. From the 3X3 Eyes Playstation game "Kyuusei Koushu."

Air Race Championship
o - (NP) - Cyber Rose: CODA-50060. By Chisato. (rental)

Alice in Cyberland
o - (NP) - Totte okino Heart beat time: WPD6-9105

o - (Full) (NP) - Angelique: Sing and Talk ~ Harmonia: KECH-1113.
o - Ever Green ~Samenai koi ga koko ni aru~: KEDH-1006. By Hayashi Nobutoshi.
o - Gekkouyoku: KEDH-1010. By Nobuo Tobita.
o - Hoshi to tsuki no Bouquet: KEDH-1005. By Yuuki Hiro.
o - Kokoro no hyouga o koete: KEDH-1007. By Kaneto Shiowaza.

Broccoli Gamers Radio
o - (5) (NP) - Rainbow Dream: BRDA-1020. Vocals by Gamers Guardian Fairies (G.G.F.). (obi; slim; bonus)

Crime Crackers
o - (NP) - Crime Crackers: ESDB-3539. By Yuko Anai.

o - (5) (NP) - Dream Collection Vol. 2: Yuriel Arlyncloyn: KICM-4016. Vocal by Natsuko Kuwatani.
o - XPOSTED (5) (NP) - Your Shade / Usual Place: KICM-4011. By Tiaraway. Title song is from "D->A:Black," coupling song is from the anime "Memories Off." (obi; slim)

Dance Dance Revolution
o - (5) (NP) - Be Together: AICT-1063. By Suzuki Ami. This is VERY different from the Ni-Ni version. (slim)
o - (NP) - Koi no Target Boy / Dub-I-Dub: TODT-3734. By The Pink Hops. Japanese version of the song by Me & My.

Dancing Blade Katte ni Momotenshi!
o - (NP) - Believe: KIDA-7644. By Houko Kuwashima.

Dark Savior
o - (NP) - Koi o nemurasete: VIDL-10755. By Ann Lewis.

Double Cast
o - (NP) - Door: SVWD-9002. By Yukari Obata.

Dragonball (all series) (also see Anime section)
o - (5) (NP) - Ore wa tokoton umaranai!!: KDSD-00059. From "Dragonball Z 3" and "DBZ 2" for the Playstation 2. By Hironobu Kageyama. (sealed; slim)

Far East of Eden
o - (5) (NP) - CD Drama Tengai Makyou 1: Fuuin Kabuki-den American Ibun: NACL-1148. Vocal by Kappei Yamaguchi. (obi; crack on jewel case front)

Final Approach
o - (5) (NP) - Final Approach: LACM-4147. By Yozuca; coupling end theme by Miyuki Hashimoto. (sealed)
o - (5) (NP) - Kimi iro Palette: LACM-4160. By Sakura Nogawa. (obi; slipcase)

Fragments Blue
o - (5) (NP) - Fragments Blue: INCA-3004. By Anri Hasegawa. (sealed)

Free Talk Studio ~Mari no Kimama no Oshaberi~
o - (NP) - Made in Heaven ~Ai no Pride~: AYDM-139. By Mariko Kouda. (rental)

Fushigi Yuugi
- see "Fushigi Yuugi" in the Anime section

Getter Robo Daikessen!
o - Can't Stop / Say good-bye loneliness: AYDM-175. By Masaaki Endou; coupling end theme by Satomi Nakase. (sample)

o - (5) (NP) - Nijiiro: LACM-4303. By Misato Fujiya. (rental)

o - (5) (NP) - In the Sky: VICL-35861. By Miz. (sealed)

Green Green (all games)
o - (5) (NP) - Hello Goodbye: LACM-4206. By Hiromi Sato. (obi)
o - (5) (NP) - Like a Green: LACM-4156. By Uran. (sealed; slim)

Haruka (Haruka Naru Toki no Naka de)
o - (Full) Haruka Naru Toki no Naka de 3 Original Soundtrack: SVWC-7328 (obi)
o - (5) (NP) - Shishin Mini Album: Seiryuu: KECH-1202. Vocals by Tomokazu Seki and Shinichirou Miki. From the video game. (obi; bonus)

- see "Legend of Himiko" in the Anime section

- see Anime section

Kisetsu o Dakishimete
o - Kisetsu o dakishimete: SVWD-9006. By Fumi Oto.

Lunar Wing
o - Wing for love: TKDA-71859. By Hiroko Kasahara. (sample)

Mitsumete Night
o - Mitsumete: KIDA-7642. By Sophia.

o - (5) (NP) - Muv-Luv Alternative: Insertion Song Collection: LACM-4197. By Jam Project. (obi)
o - (5) (NP) - Muvluv: LACM-4048. By Minami Kuribayashi. (slim)

My Petty Class Student
- see "Kakyuusei" in the Anime section

Netto de Para
o - La La La Paradise: LADA- 1003. By Aya; coupling end theme by Masumi Itou. (sample)

Pastel Chime
o - (5) (NP) - Dreaming Continue: LACM-4193. Vocal by Nana; coupling end theme vocal by Uran. (obi; slim)

Pia Carrot (all series)
o - (Full) (NP) - Heroine Collection 1: Azusa Hinomori: SCDC-00007. From "Pia Carrot Youkoso! 2 DX."

o - (5) (NP) Ai no uta: TOCT-4345. By Strawberry Flower. (slim)
o - (5) (NP) - Tane no uta: TOCT-4740. By Strawberry Flower. (obi; slim; bonus sticker)

Princess Concerto
o - (5) (NP) - Unmei no Dear: BRDF-3022. By Yuzu Tachibana. (sealed; slim)

Princess Maker series
o - (5) (NP) - Glass kagami no yume: LACM-4224. By Haruka Shimotsuki. (sealed)

Prism Ark
o - (5) (NP) - Shokuzai no Rhapsody: NKCM-1001. By Halko Momoi; coupling insert song by Chico. (sealed; slim)

o - (NP) - Feria: DPDX-5013. By Shiori Yuka. (broken)

o - (Full) (5) (NP) - Ripple Original Soundtrack: ABCA-90. Vocals by Kotoko.

Roommate Project
o - (NP) - Flower: DPDX-5026. By Tomoko Fujino (Ryoko Inoue). (bonus card)

Rumbling Hearts (also see Anime section)
o - (5) (NP) - Kaze no yuku e: LACM-4084. By Minami Kuribayashi. (obi)

Rygar: The Legendary Adventure (Argus no Senshi)
o - (5) (NP) - Wish: VJCP-12165. By Izzy. (obi; slim)

Ryoko no Oshaberi Room
o - (NP) - Aitakutte...: DPDX-5028. By Tomoko Fujino (Ryoko Inoue).

Sakura Tsushin
o - (NP) - Oh my love: MGSA-N0001

Sakura Wars (Sakura Taisen)
- See "Sakura Wars" in the Anime section

o - (NP) - Hold On: SVWD-9007. By Marlene. (rental)

Sentimental Graffiti
o - (5) (NP) - Asuka Hoshino: Sweet Tears: NECG-15008. By Asami Okamoto.
o - (5) - Emiru Nagakura: Watashi no moto e ai ni kite NECG-15004. By Ai Maeda (Emiru Nagakura).
o - (NP) - Sentimental Graffiti Non-Stop 14 Tracks: COCX-30142 (obi)
o - Sentimental Love: NADL-1111
o - (5) (NP) - Taeko Adachi: Nichiyoubi no oka: NECG-15007. By Junko Okada.

Sister Princess - see also Anime section
o - (5) (NP) - Hitomi no naka ni: LACM-4041. By Masumi Ito. (sealed; slim)
o - (5) (NP) - Melody: LACM-4004. By Sister Princess. From the Playstation game. (sealed; slim)

Soreike X Kokology
o - (NP) - Aishitetemo, aisenai: PODH-1325. By Fence of Defense.

Street Fighter (also see Anime section)
o - Arashi ni nare: PCDB-00003. By Junichi Yamamoto.

Street Golfer
o - (XPOSTED) Angel Kiss: FSDA-00015. By MariMayu. Title song is from the show "AniGame Paradise"; coupling song "Try to Jump" is from Street Golfer.

o - (Full) (NP) - Sukumizu ~Fetch ni Narumon~! Original Soundtrack: LACA-5219. Songs by Under17 and Poaro.

Summon Night
o - (5) (NP) - Neverland: CIACD-004. By Yumi Matsuzawa; coupling ending theme by Izumi Kato. (obi; slim)

Super Robot Wars (also see Anime section)
o - (5) (NP) - Gong: LACM-4210. By Jam Project. (sealed)
o - (5) (NP) - Skill / Forever & Ever: LACM-4090. By Jam Project. (obi)

Tokimeki Memorial (all series)
o - 2-shoku dake no Palette: KIDA-7630. By Sakura Tange.
o - (NP) - Dakishimete yo: KIDA-7604. By Yurica Nagasawa.
o - (NP) - Dandan kimi ga Kiss ni naru: KIDS-7606. By Mie Kuribayashi.
o - Deaete yokatta: KIDA-7629. By Sachiko Sugawara.
o - Issho ni itai kara: KMDA-1. By Shiori Fujisaki. (rental)
o - Kokuhaku: KIDA-7607. By Mami Kingetsu.
o - Memeshii yarou domo no shi: KIDA-7606. By Yuuji Ueda.
o - Motto! Motto! Tokimeki: KIDA-7605. By Mami Kingetsu.
o - (NP) - Mou ichido Kiss shiyou: KIDA-7641. By Shiori Fujisaki. (bonus character card)
o - (5) (NP) - My Angel: VMJ-0001. By Mai Akechi. (obi)
o - My Dear... KIDA-7602. By Yurica Nagasawa.
o - Oshiete Mr. Sky: KIDA-7618. By Shiori Fujisaki.
o - Owaranai Memorial: KIDA-7635. By Shiori Fujisaki.
o - Yuuki no kamisama: KMDA-2. By Junko Noda.

True Love Story
o - (Full) (NP) - Misaki no Heiwa e Oide yo Vol. 3: WDCD-24124 (obi; bonus)

Viewtiful Joe
o - (5) (NP) - Viewtiful World: AVCD-30475 (obi; slim)

Virtual Call
o - (NP) - Payapaya 2001: LOVE-S-001. Promotional CD that, from what info I've found online, was included with the "Virtual Call 2" game. Otherwise, I have no information on this CD.

- see Anime section

- see Anime section

Wind - A breath of heart
o - (5) (NP) - Flow: WIND-001. By Miwa Kouzuki. (slim)

Winning Eleven
o - (5) (NP) - Honjitsu wa seiten nari: AVCD-30509/B. By Do As Infinity. CD and DVD set in a larger jewel case. (sealed)
o - (5) (NP) - Win and Shine: KFCD-10004. By Ukatrats FC. (sealed)

You're Under Arrest
- see "You're Under Arrest" in the Anime section

Yuukyuu Gensoukyoku
o - Tsubasa hirogete...: PCDB-00012. By Junko Iwao.

Yarudora series
- see "Sampaguita," "Double Cast"

*** END LIST ***

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